Meet Rick Martinez A Leadville Bus Operator

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RRick Martinez wearing his uniformick's journey as an ECO Transit Bus Operator spans an impressive 21 years, but his story goes even further back.   


His career behind the wheel began in 1987 with Avon/Beaver Creek Transit, with a pause occurring during a three-year service in the army which he joined in 1983. 


Throughout his tenure, Leadville has been his home, where he proudly raised his four daughters: Yolanda, Desire, Andrea, and Janelle. 

When asked about his driving passion, Rick's answer is immediate: the awe-inspiring vistas. As the dedicated operator of the Leadville route, he forges meaningful connections with passengers, fostering a sense of community. 


Off-duty, Rick finds joy in sports and fitness, particularly football and basketball, while remaining a fervent supporter of the Broncos and the Nuggets.  


Amidst his drivRick Martinez & Jay Floyd after receiving their "Million Miler" adventures, one memorable tale stands out: the time he rushed a passenger in labor from Leadville to Vail Hospital. Despite the urgency, Rick's care and humor prevailed, leaving an indelible mark on both him and the grateful mother.


Rick's expertise isn't confined to buses; he has navigated various roles, including driving for private shuttles. Recalling a humorous incident, he reminisces about mistakenly delivering a groom late to his wedding due to having the wrong address, causing wedding day chaos. Despite the hiccup, his professionalism and explanation diffused the tension, earning him gratitude from the relieved wedding party.  


In his youth, Rick pursued boxing, competing across multiple states, including New Mexico, Nebraska, and his beloved Colorado. 


His career at ECO Transit: 

Rick was one of the first operators hired by ECO Transit and has been working for ECO ever since.  

During his tenure, he has always been a Leadville driver. Navigating the challenges of traversing two mountain passes in each direction. From evading rock slides and avalanches to encountering elk, moose, and the unpredictable whims of the road on a daily basis.  


Rick's known for his teamwork, always ready to fill in wherever needed, even if it means driving to Gypsum to start a route. He's not one to stick to just a 40-hour workweek. 

Tanya Allen entregando el premio de "Million Miler" a Rick Martinez

His Safety Numbers: 

Rick's outstanding safety record, highlighted by his 'Million Miler' award from the last safety ceremony, speaks volumes. 

With a staggering 1,170,120 miles driven solely with ECO Transit, his commitment is unmatched. 

EVTA & ECO Transit are proud of Rick's contributions and look forward to standing by him as he continues his professional journey. 



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